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We innovate across multiple sectors and meet specific demand use cases.

Attract and retain students. Help students to engage more deeply with campus life. And stand out—among other colleges and university as a leader and innovator with Smart Campus Solution.

Public Venue
Increase audience experience beyond the walls of your venue. Provide great and cost effective opportunity for audience to share their experiences in real time through social media, amplifying it to millions and build online buzz for your venue.  Identify and continue to connect with audience and build client loyalty.
Increase productivity, meet requirements, and provide more services to patients while minimizing costs with fast, secure, and manageable voice, data and content applications
Digital transformation of government demands network infrastructure that is agile, adaptive, and secure. SageCom delivers cloud-based networking solutions that are hyper-reliable and easily-managed so agencies can leverage IT to meet their critical missions.
Enjoy new, technology-driven ways to monitor and manage fleets, ensuring productivity, improving driver satisfaction, and ultimately saving time and money.
Strategic Procurement
Dedicated to timely acquisition and provision of goods and services, design, construction and construction management services. By utilizing technology and sound business processes, we strive to bring the greatest value to procurement services with integrity, fairness, competition and community inclusion.
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