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Evolve your retails and wholesale business with software built for the cloud.

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Retailers and Businesses

In today’s competitive and fast-paced marketplace, whether business to business or business to consumer, it is vital to have the proper communications and tools to stay ahead. Sagecom is here to help you with that. We provide high-quality and reliable VoIP and IoT services to businesses without needing expensive legacy wired phone lines or restrictive mobile phone lines. Our solution is engineered to scale dynamically and adapt at the speed of business, providing virtually unlimited scale and business continuity. Our cloud telephony is elastic and can quickly meet the demands of the largest companies.

Features and Functions


Engage your customers everywhere and accept orders via phone, online, direct sales or mobile app.


Leverage supplier and vendor relationships with complete visibility across the purchasing process.


Track inventory movements and transactions in real-time. Optimize day-to-day warehouse operations.


Deliver on time, every time. Exceed your customers’ expectations while minimizing shipping costs.


Reach new markets through campaign management, marketing automation, and detailed analytics.


Maximize sales across your organization with high visibility into opportunities, pipeline and pricing.


Empower your support team with a 360-degree view of each and every customer.


Connect every part of your business to your company’s core objective.