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Take your marketing to the next level. Power your marketing platform & campaigns with SageCom SMS MT/ MO marketing platform.

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We offer a complete software suit for marketers who wants to run their own two way messaging business (SMS MT/ SMS MO). It is designed to accommodate every single requirement for self-management such as a web panel for campaign management, contact management, dynamic routing, RESTful API for integration with existing systems and more.Our cloud messaging (SMS/MMS) tools allow marketing teams to use text messaging for campaigns, and even deliver call transcripts by text to end-users.

Features and Functions


High Throughput - High throughput to support larger volume and better efficiency of SMPP application


Dynamic SMS Routing - Live traffic monitoring with dynamic SMS routing and LCR


Fast and Reliable - Fast, reliable, multi-connect SMPP gateway handles large volumes via SMPP Engine.


International Billing - International billing/ MCC/MNC Billing, multi-currency support


Load Balancing - Load balancing between SMPP gateways to facilitate better redundancy in the system


Missed Call plugin - Missed call services can be used as a web-based platform that allows you to create instant feedback, voting, business lead generation campaign.


Voice SMS Plugin - Voice SMS blast is specially designed to spread communication effectively. It allows pre-recorded voice to be automatically broadcast to designated groups.


Excel Plugin - With Excel plugin You can create your SMS by merging different columns in you Excel sheet. Our Excel SMS Plugin allows to send custom messages to each recipients.


Short Code Plugin - Short codes are widely used for television voting, pulling information from application, sales force automation, interactive campaign and various mobile services.


Long Code Plugin - Long Code is basically used for receiving incoming SMS from any mobile device to your application. The biggest advantage of Long Number is it has global reach.


Smart SMS Plugin - SMART SMS Plugin solution with wider reporting feature and data profiling. Data rich GUI based reporting not only helps you measure the response.