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Fast Deployment. Automated Management. Easy Scaling.

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SageCom Cloud Platform offer hosting environments with infrastructure orchestration and support components that most modern digital experience management requires to be agile and focus on building experiences while connecting all the systems required to improve product deliver and user experiences.

Sagecom Cloud Platform provides end-to-end solution that enables development for various contents and services, with a unique flexibility that allows efficient content delivery and management with satisfactory results for all – Subscribers, Operators, Content Providers and Service providers

Features of Sagecom Cloud Platform

Full flexibility and freedom of choice with turnkey PaaS for developers

Easy creation of dev, test, production environments

Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling

Support of microservices and legacy applications

Fast setup of clustered and highly available applications

Zero downtime deployment with automated traffic distribution

Out-of-the-box TCP and HTTP(S) load balancing

Free and custom SSL certificates

Ability to hibernate, stop, restart, clone applications

Integrated CI and CD tools for automation

Built-in monitoring of RAM, CPU, network, storage, IO with alert notifications

Log viewer, file and config manager within native dashboard

Sharing environment and account collaboration with different access levels

Application management via UI, SSH, API and CLI

Deployment via GIT, SVN, FTP and SFTP

Ability to use different hardware or clouds within single portal

Integrated IDE Plugins: IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, NetBeans

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) powered by CentOS, Ubuntu and others

Marketplace with a rich set of preconfigured applications for one click installation

Wide choice of ready to go certified application container stacks

Docker containers support with integrated public and private hub registry

No vendor lock-in with import/export feature and zero code changes