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Interactive Voice Response ( IVR ) - enjoy a powerful tool that lets you turn your vision of an automated client interaction into reality.

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Interactive IVR

IVR can reduce the cost of standard sales, service, inquiry, collection, and support calls to and from your business. It works 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Features and functions


Web-Based Drag and Drop IVR Creation

  • Simple Drag-and-drop creation of an IVR.
  • Visual interpretation of the IVR call flow.
  • Easy to make adjustments/changes.

Unlimited Number of Call Flows

  • Interactive IVR allows you to create an unlimited number of call flows.
  • IVR Scripts can be triggered based on the phone number (DID) or Mailbox Number Dialed. So, if you had multiple numbers (DID) in your system, each could trigger a different call flow.
  • Even if your system has only 24 lines, you can still have thousands of IVR applications.
  • Scalable to handle hundreds of calls simultaneously.

Play Unlimited Prompts

  • Play Pre-Recorded Prompts (TTS or Uploaded).
  • Play a Variable (Date, Time, Sentence, Number, Characters, etc.)
  • Play from a Database.
  • Easy to add prompts to play.

Touch Tone Detection

  • Choose from a list of selections, enter account numbers, their security code, etc., all through the numeric keypad on their phones.
  • Specify the number of digits to expect and the maximum time to wait between digits to make the call flow as seamless as possible.

Out-dial Capability

  • Dynamically call out to customers & clients.
  • Use the IVR logic to control the logic of the call based on the status of the call, e.g., busy, no answer, connect, answering machine, fax machine, or operator intercept; you can choose what action to perform.
  • Click to Call from a Website

Web Service Integration

  • Web Services have become the standard to integrate with any outside database/website/application.Utilizing the JSON standard, Interactive IVR can provide unlimited outside functionalities. ¬†This allows for a robust, limitless set of additional tools.
  • Provide SMS, Email, Screen Pop Ups, and more functionalities.


  • Record any prompt from a caller
  • Stop Recording based on silence or DTMF

Call Transfer

  • Allows you to dynamically transfer callers to other telephone lines, extensions, and IVRs. Callers can be transferred with a blind transfer (unconditionally) or with a supervised transfer (monitor the call status before transferring).
  • Supports call patching, whereby multiple callers can be connected into the same conversation.

Text to Speech

  • Integrates with Amazon AWS & IBM Watson Text to Speech
  • Type any text into a field, and Interactive IVR will speak the reader to the caller with a clear, human-like interpretation.
  • Eliminates the need to record prompts.
  • Allows for quick, on-the-fly changes to a script.
  • High-quality, professional-sounding voice.

Speech Recognition

  • The Speech Recognition feature makes customer interaction with your system quick, convenient, and straightforward.
  • Interactive IVR Speech Recognition module recognizes words, names, spoken letters, and numbers.
  • Callers can spell names, order products, and enter account numbers and zip codes without entering a single touch tone on their phone.

Call Recording

  • Record a Call Conversation
  • Use for Security, tracking, performance, verification, fraud, etc.

Web Based Reporting

  • Generate Hourly, Daily, Monthly, or Yearly Graphs on Calls with one click.
  • Extremely User-Friendly Interface.
  • Generate Summary Reports / Invoices to send to Customers.
  • View Detailed Summaries and invoices for Each DID/IVR.

IVR Logging

  • IVR Tracking allows you to detail the caller's interaction with the IVR.
  • Used to help optimize the IVR for cumbersome logic.
  • Used to troubleshoot the logic of an IVR and increase performance.

System Integration

  • Hosted or Premise Based (AWS, Run it at our Location, or in your location)
  • Supports old legacy PBX switches.
  • VoIP, TDM Support.
  • Integrates with Asterisk PBX (Phone System).
  • Support Dialogic E1, T1 & VoIP (HMP).
  • Supports Twilio API's.
  • Supports Cisco Voice Gateways.
  • Supports Ribbon Communications Gateways.